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V8 Drive Day Hot Laps

You think watching V8 Supercars is a rush? Wait until you get your hands on some very serious horsepower and drive or do some hot laps in the closest thing to a V8 Supercar at Barbagallo Raceway Perth WA

Strap yourself into the drivers seat of a fully race prepared V8 Race Car and do some scorching hot laps around Barbagallo Raceway Wanneroo the very same track that the V8 Supercars run on.

Feel what it's like to drive a V8 Race Car at Barbagallo Raceway Perth, Western Australia. V8 Driveday Pty Ltd is a wholly Western Australian owned and operated company.

Drive a V8 race car - Hot laps at Barbagallo Raceway Wangara WA - Ride in a V8 race car at Wanneroo. With years of experience teaching race car drivers to win we now give everyone the chance to get behind the wheel.

From one on one training, CAMS OLT's (Observed License Test) to a Corporate Day, V8 Driveday can offer a complete V8 Race experience at Barbagallo Raceway.

Whether you're driving or riding, let our professional drivers share their wealth of knowledge to give you a memory you will never forget.

barbagello race track

All DRIVES and RIDES are on long V8 Supercars Championship Track Length: 2.42 km (1.51 mi). Turns: 7